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Devon Wylie

Fresno State continued practice in half pads, Saturday, in rainy, windy conditions. Fresno State focused on the late game scenarios, run sets and passing one-on-ones, and 11-on-11 play. The Bulldogs are scheduled to go in full pads Monday…

Fresno State began practice working on late game scenarios. Derek Carr led the first team offense for the first two drives. One of which ended in a touchdown pass to tight end Ryan Skidmore, with the other resulting in a missed field goal. Greg Watson successfully led the second team into field goal range, setting up a Kevin Goessling field goal. Kelly O'Brien took the third team, but the drive ended quickly as O'Brien found tight end Marcel Jensen wide open down field for a touchdown.

The team then broke off into passing and rushing drills. The receivers and defensive backs went one-on-one, which was mostly dominated by the offense, outside of a Phillip Thomas interception. The offense and defense worked in half lines for run blocking.

Practice ended with 11-on-11 play, consisting of about 40 plays. Play was temporarily stopped after a scuffle, followed by a team huddle.

Carr took control of the first team offense, completing 12-of-14 passes for 150 yards. Carr made two big passes, finding Devon Wylie for a 50-yard touchdown, followed by a 42 yard touchdown pass to Jalen Saunders. Watson completed two of six passes, for 14 yards. O'Brien took the third team, going three for three for 19 yards.

  • Former fullback Ibe Nduka has moved back to the defensive line.

  • Anthony Williams is currently not participating in pads.

  • Travis Brown did not dress out Saturday.

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