Dillihunt Settling into New Position

Edward Dillihunt

Redshirt freshman Edward Dillihunt made the move from safety to linebacker over the spring. Now heading into fall camp, he will have a chance to make an impact at the new position. The redshirt freshman discusses the transition…

Ed Dillihunt was recruited as an athlete in the 2010 recruiting class, and he started in his first fall camp as a safety. After Shawn Plummer was hurt, however, the coaches decided to move him to weak side linebacker in the spring to add more depth. Dillihunt described the position change.

"I was really starting to get safety," said Dillihunt. "And one day there was a transition to where [Plummer] got hurt, and I had to switch out and learn the linebacker playbook."

While Dillihunt feels confident about the move, he has had some challenges. He has also had just one spring to learn the position. Dillihunt explained what he's doing to adapt to his new role.

"The challenge was learning the playbook," said the redshirt freshman. "Right now, I feel really comfortable actually: learning from Kyle Knox, sitting back making my runs, fits and reads, learning the plays, and film. I feel really good about it this year."

With linebacker Sean Plummer's health in question, the defense did not have a linebacker in place to fill his role as a passing situation linebacker. Dillihunt provides a combination of speed and pass coverage that could help ease the loss. Dillihunt believes he is ready to take over the role.

"I feel bad that he got hurt," said Dillihunt, "But I have to step up and play his spot now."

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