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This week's View from the Roadster is sort of a shell-shocked, post-traumatic-stress-disorder kind of a view. Boise State came into Bulldog Stadium and they played like a well-oiled, intelligently designed, recently sharpened meat grinder. They fed the Fresno State Bulldogs into the hopper and Coach Chris Petersen cranked the handle…

The result? Bulldog Sausage.

Unfortunately, the shell-shocked view is also a familiar view.

This is not the first time the Bulldogs have been blown out, blown up, and blown away by Boise State. The Broncos have scored in excess of 150 points against Fresno State, in just the last three games...! And it was not that hard for them. It is probably safe to say, at this point, that Boise OWNS Fresno, and that Chris Petersen has completely dominated and forever psyched out Pat Hill. Forever.

It is also the point, and we all knew we would get there, when Fresno State fans are starting to say, "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired..." This is like hitting yourself in the head with a five-pound sledge. It feels good when you stop. Also predictably, there is now a rising chorus of calls for Hill to resign, or to be fired, or to be bought out and/or carried out of town on a rail, AFTER being tarred and feathered.

Hill has kind of brought this on himself, of course. He came to town promising to elevate FS to a higher, sweeter, more exciting stratum of college football.

"Big time college football," he called it, promising to play anyone, anywhere, anytime and he did deliver... for a while...

The Bulldogs played and beat an impressive array of Division I programs, including the likes of UCLA, Georgia Tech, Oregon State, Virginia, Colorado, Kansas State, Wisconsin, et al. FS was ranked in the national polls on a regular basis.

In the last few years, however, the ‘Dogs have been BEATEN by anyone, anywhere and anytime. It has been several years since FS has beaten ANY ranked team, and it is hard to find any recent victories over decent DI teams (i.e. teams with a winning record), of any description.

The sad truth has been stated all too often. Hill is in his 15th year. He has averaged exactly five losses per year for that entire tenure. The Bulldogs are already 2-4, this year, with tough teams like Utah State, Hawaii and San Diego State yet to be played. The chorus is getting louder. Hill better produce some wins, soon, or the fan support will start to disappear, altogether.

As to the game, itself?

Well, Devon Wylie is an amazing kick-returner.

Robbie Rouse never gives up and is always a threat to break off a 40-yard gallop. On the other hand, the wide receivers need discipline and coaching. The defensive backs are amazingly inept and poorly prepared. I am sorry to say this, but the team seemed to give up, again, about the middle of the third quarter.

Hope things get radically better, soon. We shall see.

See you next week.

-- Rooster

Redroadster is highly regarded attorney in the Central Valley, a loyal Bulldog fan, and a regular poster/contributor on Check in time to time for his take on games and other Bulldog athletic events in his View from the Roadster.

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