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After losing yet another game, this time to the San Jose State Spartans, the View from the Roadster, this week, is a strangely confused view - with pride, nostalgia, disappointment, and resignation, all rolled up together…

1. Pride

I have to say that, as a Fresno State Bulldog fan, I am proud of all the seniors who played their last game at home, Saturday night. Two of those seniors are, in this opinion, irreplaceable. They are Logan Harrell and Devon Wylie. I don't see a "reasonable facsimile" of either player, anywhere on the horizon. Fresno State will be weaker, next year, at defensive tackle and at slot/punt-returner because these two excellent players are leaving.

Also, if there is such a thing as an "honorable mention" in the "irreplaceable" category, it belongs to Bryce Harris, an iron man on the offensive line. You will also be missed, sir.

Lastly, although he is not irreplaceable, I want to say that I respect Zak Hill, and will miss his spirit and effort. I have always admired physical toughness and personal courage. He has those qualities, in spades – all the best to you, Mr. Hill.

2. Nostalgia

Thinking back on the all the WAC games played in Bulldog Stadium. Thinking about Jim Sweeney's dumb commercials on the radio - and how he always ended, with - "Go, Dogs, win the WAC!" Thinking back on the days when parachutists used to bail out over the stadium, and come floating down to land on the field, in front of huge, roaring crowds.

Speaking of roaring crowds, I miss those great games, when the stadium was packed, jammed, standing room only. A lot of those were not WAC games, of course (except Boise State- back when Fresno still thought they could beat the Broncos!). The greatest atmosphere I ever experienced at Bulldog Stadium was that Oregon State game, years ago, when the Beavers were ranked #1 in the nation by Sports Illustrated and the ‘Dogs kicked their butts. Sweet!

Anyway, back to the present - all those WAC games are gone, now. No more. It is all about the Mountain West Conference, starting next year.

3. Disappointment & Resignation

I'm severely disappointed that the Bulldogs did not leave the WAC with a win in their final game. Disappointed that San Jose beat the ‘Dogs in Fresno, something that they have been unable to do in twenty four (24) YEARS. Very similar feeling to getting beaten by New Mexico State, a couple weeks ago, a team that has NEVER beaten the Bulldogs before... ever!

Disappointed that the crowd at that game was the smallest home crowd in 27 years, and, of course, in Pat Hill's tenure as head coach - 15 years - and that the ‘Dogs home attendance, this year averaged less than 30k. Disappointing.

Disappointed that the ‘Dogs are not good enough to beat more than four teams, in a 13-game schedule - although, technically, it is possible to get one more victory at San Diego State, next week....not that I will bet the ranch on such a prediction. I am pretty much resigned to a 4-9 season.

4. The Bright Spots?

That's easy, Robbie Rouse, who rushed for 151 yards and two touchdowns to continue his record-breaking season, and Derek Carr, whose 276 yards passing have taken him to 3,208 yards - this in his first year as a starter.

See you next week.

-- Rooster

Redroadster is highly regarded attorney in the Central Valley, a loyal Bulldog fan, and a regular poster/contributor on Check in time to time for his take on games and other Bulldog athletic events in his View from the Roadster.

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