Spring Practice: Day 1

ILB Jeremiah Toma

Fresno State kicked off spring football practice Tuesday afternoon at Valley Growers' Practice Field. From the up-tempo speed of practice to the return of ADub (Anthony Williams) to the switch to the 3-4 defense to the spread offense and Marcel Jensen lining up at slot receiver, there were many changes. Check side for news and notes from practice including depth chart updates and stats…

Fresno State practiced at an impressive speed – faster than any practice we've witnessed at Valley Growers' Practice Field in the past. But as expected, it was sloppy at times as the team is making the transition to the spread offense and 3-4 defense.

After practice Coach Tim DeRuyter said he was pleased with practice.

"I was really pleased with the effort and attitude on both sides of the ball…we got to learn to chase the ball better on defense and learn the tempo better on offense," said DeRuyter.

"We're trying to front load a lot of stuff, these kids might feel like they are trying to take a sip out of fire hydrant but that's kind of what we want. We want to them to be inundated, and then we'll re-teach things.

"We got a lot of our base offense in today and probably half of our base defense. We're going to put more of our base come Thursday, and probably by the middle of next week, we'll have 80% of our playbook in."

Check inside the Doghouse Forum for a recap of Tuesday's practice including the two-deep and stats from 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 action.

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