Davison Takes On New Role

Davison Takes On New Role

Fresno State nose guard Tyeler Davison racked up 43 tackles, seven tackles for loss, and three sacks in 2012, earning a first-team All-Mountain West selection. In 2013, Fresno State defensive coordinator Nick Toth plans to use Davison as more than just a nose guard.

With the addition of junior college transfer Ioane Sagapolu, Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter hoped that it would allow Tyeler Davison to take snaps at defensive end in 2013. After almost two weeks of practice, defensive coordinator Nick Toth gave the green light to work Davison at end.

"Tyeler's been lining up at end more," Toth said. "Maurice Poyadue and Ioane [Sagapolu] have just climbed. Maurice has had a great camp, Ioane kind of was struggling a bit, but then the lightbulb came on. The playbook right now is going to be the thing for them. I've got to feel that I can call anything with them."

Sagapolu has given the Bulldogs another option at nose guard, but Maurice Poyadue has also become a contributor after having a surprising spring and a solid fall camp. That puts the Bulldogs three players deep at nose guard and gives Toth more options on how to use Davison.

"[Poyadue] is doing a lot better since last year," Davison said. "He's really coming along, he'll be solid. Then we've got [Sagapolu]; he's doing good too. He's still learning the defense, but he's picking it up well. Lining up next to them is nice, it's a little different. They need help there because I know the position."

Davison has begun working at defensive end in practice and it's something that he has been able to pick up quickly. At 6-foot-2, 304 lbs, Davison's combination of size and speed gives the Bulldogs a look that few Mountain West teams can replicate. Just how much he is used at end will depend on the offensive scheme of their opponent, however.

"I've worked on it a little bit," said Davison. "I'm familiar with it. I know what to do, I know how to play it. It just depends on each week, how much they want me to play it. It's just a game plan situation type of thing so we'll see week to week how much I'll play at [defensive] end or not."

At defensive end, Davison will look to take advantage of opportunities that he can't get at nose guard.

"Get more one-on-one blocks, rush on the outside," Davison explained. "There's a lot of things, but there's a lot of things I do the same too. It has its perks, its pros and cons."

Fresno State enters their second season in the 3-4 defensive scheme and playing Davison at end is just one of many new wrinkles they may use in 2013. Davison discussed how fall practice has compared to last year's.

"They've definitely been a lot better than they were last year," said Davison. It's a lot more fluid. We're already familiar with the system so it's a lot easier. We're doing a lot more advance stuff instead of just doing the basic stuff like last year."

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