Washington Making Strides

Washington Making Strides

Saturday Fresno State will face another team with a high powered offense in UNLV. The Rebels are averaging 41 points per game over their past four games. Fresno State's defense will have its work cut out for them as they look to stop the Rebels recent surge in offense. Charles Washington took the time to answer some questions on the Bulldogs game with UNLV and his progression.

Prior to the start of the 2013 season Fresno State was forced to replace arguably the best safety in its history in Phillip Thomas. Thomas now with the Washington Redskins gave Fresno State a game changer in the secondary, something the Bulldogs had been void of for the previous five years prior to Thomas's arrival. Derron Smith returned at one of the two safety spots, but the question was who would take Thomas's place? The answer was Charles Washington. In his time at safety Washington has shown that he is extremely quick, has above average cover skills, and seems to be getting better as the season moves along. Bulldog Playbook wanted to know how Washington felt he was progressing during the season. Washington said:

"From the start, I just wanted to come out and be comfortable. At this point in the season I feel like I'm not at my best, but I'm a long way from where I was week one… I feel pretty comfortable out there now. Relaxed, just able to play… and get the job done."

Washington is gaining confidence on the football field which will only help the Bulldogs defense limit what opposing offenses can do against them. While Washington has felt that he is progressing on the field Bulldog Playbook wondered where Washington feels he has improved the most while playing. Washington said:

"Just being patient with the game like letting stuff come to me versus forcing stuff. I let stuff develop. I do my assignment, the coaches put me in the right spot to make plays, and everything falls into place."

As Washington continues to get better he will inevitably make great plays in the secondary that may help change the course of the game. Last week in Idaho Washington intercepted his first pass as a Bulldog. Bulldog Playbook asked Washington about how the interception felt.

"It was pretty exciting. Everyone was on me about when are you going to get your first interception… Hopefully there's many more to come, but it felt good to get that first interception under my belt."

With UNLV here Saturday Bulldog Playbook wondered how Washington felt about UNLV's offense. We also asked Washington who may be difficult to defend on UNLV's offense. Washington said:

"They have some pretty good schemes… They've put up 500 and 400 yards in multiple games. We're in control of that though at the end of the day. They have pretty few good receivers. [Marcus Sullivan] looks like he shows a lot of speed. The quarterback gets him the ball so we'll have a good challenge up against us. [Devante Davis] looks like a big receiver."

Washington continued on to share his thoughts on UNLV as a team.

"They look like a pretty solid team. It'll be a good game. We just have to come out with discipline. We've been studying some good film on them. We know what we have coming up against us. We just have to execute our plays."

Overall Washington feels that the UNLV game will present a challenge for the Bulldogs on Saturday. Last, Bulldog Playbook wondered what Washington would like to see the defense improve on Saturday. Washington said:

"Force turnovers. We've got to keep getting our turnovers up, keep their yardage down and come away with the W. I feel like if we do all of those our offense will take care of that side of the ball."

Washington understands the Bulldog offense will put up points as they do every week. However, what makes Washington an asset to this team is the fact that he also understands that the defense cannot rely on the offense to win the game. Washington has the desire to make the Bulldogs defense better as each week passes. Hopefully what Washington desires from the defense in the remaining weeks is exactly what takes place and continues to lead the Bulldogs to victory for the remainder of the season.

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