Jacob Hicks Commits to Fresno State

Jacob Hicks Commits to Fresno State

Fresno State adds commit #13 with 6-foot-4, 310 lbs, two-way lineman Jacob Hicks. Check inside for the latest on Hicks' recruiting and what position he plans to play at Fresno State.

Jacob Hicks, a 6-foot-4, 310 lbs lineman out of Analy HS (Sebastopol) has committed to Fresno State. Hicks told the Fresno State coaching staff on Tuesday that he would be a Bulldog.


Fresno State was one of seven offers that Hicks holds. He was first offered by Nevada, along with Fresno State, UTEP, San Jose State, UC Davis, Portland State, and South Dakota State.

Hicks says that the relationship he held with the Fresno State coaching staff as well as the school's location played key factors in his decision.

"The fact that Fresno has been interested in me ever since the spring of my junior year," Hicks said. "Most people want to go where you're wanted and I felt that Fresno State has really shown that they're interested in me as a player and as an academic student."

"The fact that they're in California, I had seven offers and four of them were from different states," Hicks continued. "Staying close to home was not a huge factor but being able to come home and see my family definitely helped make my decision. Still being able to not completely leave my life at home."

Hicks was recruited by defensive coordinator Nick Toch and offensive line coach Cameron Norcross, as well as head coach Tim DeRuyter.

"I just love how they're all straight shooters and they'll tell me straight," Hicks said of the staff. "Over the recruiting season I've had coaches say a lot of stuff and then drop off the map. Fresno State hasn't done that... They really caught my attention and that's why I chose Fresno is that they really stuck with me and that's where I want to play the next five years of my college."


Hicks has not yet visited Fresno State, but will take an official visit on Jan 17. It is his only scheduled visit. He took unofficial visits during the season to several schools.

"I'm doing that next week," Hicks said of his visit to Fresno State. "I have not taken any official visits. I've been to a few places locally. I've been to San Jose State, Nevada and Davis… and Sac State, but all unofficial… just visiting a game."


Hicks is currently listed at 6-foot-4, 310 lbs and he has the athleticism to play just about anywhere on either side of the line. In fact, he did just that at Analy HS.

"Anywhere on the line on both sides of the ball, I was put there at some point," Hicks said.

He played on both sides of the line for his high school team that emphasized some of the same schemes that Fresno State uses. His experience in a three-man defensive front and a spread offense makes him a perfect fit for what the Bulldogs want to do.

"We played a 3-4 kind of, 3-5 actually," Hicks said. "I kind of controlled the middle and my d-ends kept the quarterback in the pocket."

"On offense we ran a spread most of the time," Hicks said. "A lot of inside powers and I pulled a lot. A lot of running it down the other team's throat and when they tried stopping that we just sat back in the pocket and let the quarterback do his thing. We went, I think six games without giving up a sack."

Hicks has heard from Fresno State for over a year now and was originally offered by defensive coordinator Nick Toth as a player who can play either side of the ball. More recently, offensive line coach Cameron Norcross has recruited him exclusively for the o-line.

"Originally when coach Toth came to visit me at school and he offered in person, there was talk of both," Hicks said. "They were kind of narrowing it down... Over the last two or three weeks I've been talking to coach Norcross and it sounds like he's going to be forming me into a left or right guard type, maybe tackle depending on the personnel and how I get into the program and mesh with the team."

Hicks says he doesn't have a preference for which position he plays, just wherever he can get on the field first.

"I want to go where ever I can play the most and help the team the most," Hicks said. "That's the main goal, to be a team player and just help the team get to another big bowl game. Whether or not I'm on the field or not I want to help Fresno get to another bowl game and have fun doing it."


At 310 lbs, Hicks comes in as the heaviest offensive lineman in the recruiting class so far and will have the best shot to contribute right away. Hicks said that Norcross' honesty about playing time encouraged him to be a Bulldog.

"When I asked coach Norcross what's the possibility of me playing freshman year as a true freshman he told me, ‘it doesn't happen often but if you put your work in and you try your hardest and you mesh with the program right, it's possible.' I don't want someone to sweet talk. I want to know that I'll work for whatever I'll get and I'll put in the work and we'll see what happens."

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Hicks is commit #13 in the 2014 recruiting class. Check in with BulldogPlaybook.com for the latest updates on Fresno State recruiting.

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