Practice #2 Recap: The Rooks

CB Sharrod Davis

The second practice of call camp was a bit harder for the rooks. Monday the coaches took it a little easy on the youngsters but by late Tuesday morning, the fun and games were over. The incoming class of players is regarded as Coach Pat Hill's best ever, but that does not mean they are going to play.


#16 Fr. QB Matt Faulkner (6-3, 190) took many reps Tuesday at the quarterback spot. He wore #16 Tuesday after wearing #3 on Monday. This was confusing since Matt Christian, who is no longer with the team, was #16. Regardless, Faulkner had a better practice Tuesday, but he is probably destined to be this year's scout team quarterback.

#23 Fr. RB Ryan Mathews (5-11.5, 205) has been sharing reps with #20 Fr. Kyle Duffy (5-9, 185), and #34 So. Jamal Rashad (6-0, 215), who has been working out with the newcomers despite redshirting last season. #44 RFr. FB Frank Padilla (6-0, 240) also has seen some time at running back. Duffy is shifty. Rashad has good speed. Padilla has good footwork and is strong. Mathews combines all those traits and is a more polished runner.

#41 Fr. FB Vince Pascoe (6-1, 250) is a bull. He is tight end Bear Pascoe's cousin. His lack of size and speed regulate him to the fullback position, but he could make good linebacker or defensive lineman.

#18 Fr. WR Devon Wylie (5-10, 180) is easily one of the top performers throughout camp regardless of newcomer or veteran. He still has much to learn but his speed and quickness are unmatched at the wide receiver position.

#10 Fr. WR Tim Lang (6-0, 190) had a much better practice Tuesday. He struggled Monday with assignments and drills were new difficult for him to pick up. However, Tuesday he displayed his athletic ability. He can play receiver. He can return kicks. In addition, he played safety, punted, and was an all-state quarterback in high school. He made his first throw Tuesday.

#84 Fr. TE Ryan Skidmore (6-5, 230) is adjusting well. It is easy to see why Coach Hill called him his best receiving tight end he has ever recruited. Tuesday was just another indication he could play as a true.

#79 Fr. LT Devan Cunningham (6-5, 342) looks like he does not miss too many meals. He still is at least 10-15lbs heavier than he should be. Nevertheless, the extra weight did affect his footwork during drills on Tuesday.

#55 Fr. C Leslie Cooper (6-3, 280) has been sharing snaps with #52 So. C Richard Pacheco. Cooper played guard in high school. He looked better Tuesday after botching a few snaps Monday.

#78 Fr. G Eric Sproal (6-4, 285) is in good shape. Many incoming lineman often report overweight. He was an all-state OT in high school. However, he is lining up at guard in camp. His mechanics were solid Tuesday.


Coach Hill believes this year's incoming defensive linemen may be his best ever. In years past, most incoming players were raw and needed time to adjust to the college game. This year's class has at least two players who will see time as true freshmen.

#98 Fr. DT Porter Hill (6-4, 280) sat out most of Tuesday's practice with an injury. He stood on the sideline watching drills the second half of practice. He should return Wednesday. Hill is expected to play as a true, his future is replacing #97 Sr. DT Jason Shirley (6-5, 330) at nose tackle.

#70 Fr. DT Bryce Harris (6-6, 261) played offensive and defensive line in high school. He was recruited as an offensive left tackle, but Coach Hill moved him to defensive tackle. It is a questionable move, but Harris has panned out well the first two days of camp.

#93 Fr. DT Alex Probasco (6-4, 245) is a walk-on. However, he is very talented. He can play tackle, end, and even tight end on offense. He looked solid Tuesday playing defensive tackle. He needs to add some weight but is already bigger than most incoming players of the past, like former walk-on Garrett McIntyre, who was 6-2, 250lb.

#92 Fr. DE Ken Borg (6-2, 230) is being compared to McIntyre but with longer arms. McIntyre played as true freshman. Borg was expected to redshirt but looked very good Tuesday.

#91 Fr. DE Chris Carter (6-2, 226) and #53 Fr. DE Kyle Knox (6-2, 220) are speedsters. Fresno State has never had two incoming ends with their speed. They are a bit undersized for a prototypical defensive end, but their quickness made up for the disadvantage Tuesday during drills.

#51 Fr. LB Austin Raphael (6-2, 230) is the only incoming linebacker. He has spent Monday and Tuesday taking reps at middle linebacker. He has good speed and is a smart player.

#33 Fr. SS Zak Hill (6-2, 190) continues to look very good. His speed has been considered marginal, but he was able to keep up Wylie in one-on-one drills.

#5 Fr. CB Isaiah Green (5-9, 170) is arguably the fastest newcomer. During special team drills, he was able to breeze by everyone. He is still a bit raw at cornerback but is learning the position rather quickly.

#8 Jr. CB Sharrod Davis (5-11, 180) has more experience because of his time at Oregon and Grossmont College. He had his troubles Tuesday in one-on-ones but overall his play is solid.

Check with Thursday for a recap of the veteran's performance from Wednesday's practice.

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