FS-Sac State Game Quotes

FS-Sac State Game Quotes

Quotes from coaches and players following the 24-3 Bulldog win Saturday night.

Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill

On the victory

"Whenever you win your opening game that is good. We had a lot of new players out there. We were trying to see how everything was going to work out. "

On the play of the defense

"Except for the first drive of the second half, our defense played pretty darn good. We put our defense in a couple of bad field positions but I thought they did a great in making sure they put the clamps down on Sacramento State's offense."

On Sacramento State's defense

"I thought Sacramento State's defense played very hard against us. We can't have three turnovers in a tight game. The players that did it will learn from it. This week in practice we will be conscience of it."

On Special Teams

"We had the one turnover on special teams. I thought our kickoff coverage, except for one kickoff, was very good. We ignited some big hits off the kick off team."

On the play of Brandstater

"I thought Tommy had great command of the passing game and did a good job with the ball. He ran the ball well too." On the running game

"Everyone can see we have good running backs in the stable. I was really impressed with first time running back Ryan Matthews. When you rush ball for 280 yards and throw it for right around 200 yards, that is a good night."

On David Carr Night

"That stadium was great tonight. IT was great having Dave back. He did some awesome things for this university. But I really believe this university did a lot for him and his family. It was great he was able to come back and get that welcome he really deserves. He is a local product who has represented this university well when he was here and when he was gone."

Fresno State WLB Marcus Riley

On the win

"I am very excited about the win. We played good as a defense but I think there is always room for improvement."

On if he was nervous coming into the game

"I knew if we played our game we would be fine. We just wanted to play Bulldog football."

Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews

"It felt good. It is nice to get a win out there. Coach has been preaching that we are starting a new tradition of Bulldog football. We have something to prove this year."

On his first game

"I needed the first carry to get my nervousness out of me but after that I was real comfortable. I have something to prove and I am going to keep doing what I know how to do."

Fresno State TE Bear Pascoe

On the how physical he was on the field

"One of things we were concentrating on was getting back to playing physical Bulldog football. Watch our defense in how they played tonight. I hang my hat on being physical. It works out for me."

Sacramento State QB Jason Smith

"I think we played real well overall. When we got backed up on 3rd down, it got pretty loud. But the offensive line did a great job. All together we just stalled on some drives."

"We came out feeling pretty good in the second half. I missed a couple reads. Overall I felt like I played pretty well. We have a bye week and we'll fix everything."

Sacramento State Head Coach Marshall Sperbeck

"I was proud of the way they competed. I thought they played hard and they kept competing for four quarters. We didn't have any turnovers on offense and I thought that was key."

"We made some mistakes, but they are fixable. There were a lot of fresh faces out there. Overall you have to feel pleased. They are only going to get better."

"I thought the defense played well. The effort is the thing you look for. They are the better team and we all know that."

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