FS-USU Post Game Quotes


Quotes from Fresno State and Utah State players and coaches following Fresno State's 38-27 win over the Aggies.

Fresno State Head Coach, Pat Hill

"I am very satisfied with the win. With all the depth problems we have, we are a tired football team right now. I need to do something in practice to make sure this team stays fresh. I thought our effort was good. I liked the way we played in getting the win."

"We are 5-1 heading to Hawaii and we have the opportunity to do something really special against a very good football team."

"I think Clifton Smith did a very good job. He made some tough runs and iced the game for us. Clifton played big for us today."

"A.J. Jefferson, how about that. That was a good return."

Fresno State kicker Clint Stitser

"I was excited to be in there to get the chance. I knew I could make it. I went in there relaxed. Greg did a great job of getting the ball there. It was a good feeling. With me, I am expected to make all my kicks and I expect myself to make all my kicks. When we make it I am happy and don't get over excited. My emotions really kick in when I miss it or it gets blocked."

"We take a lot of pride in our kicking game. We do everything we can to put ourselves in a position to win in all three phases. That is what we go for."

Fresno State cornerback A.J. Jefferson

"I learn a lot from Clifton Smith. He taught me how to read blocks. I have permission to get to any ball I can get to. I was surprised because they kicked it high the first time and then they kicked it over to Cliff. I was hoping they would kick it to me again."

"Whether it is a kick off return or a blocked field goal it always sparks the team coming out after us. The holes are usually big because our blockers do a good job. I just need a little bit of room. As soon as I see room I am going to it. I just trust my blocks and get behind them."

Utah State Head Coach, Brent Guy

"The first quarter we spotted them 14 points. I felt we came out after the half and played better. We get it back to a two-score game and then we give up the big kick-off return."

"The three big plays that jump out in my mind are the two kick-off returns and the Fresno State touchdown before half."

"We missed some tackles. We are making too many mistakes right now and we are not efficient enough."

"They continue to fight hard in the second half, I want them to fight hard in the first quarter. I thought the third quarter today was a little better."

Utah State wide receiver Kevin Robinson

"Somehow we have to find a way to put all the quarters together. It's frustrating, but we have to go out there and believe everyday. Hopefully one of the last three games we could get a win."

"Hopefully we can go back, fix the problems and get a win next week. I know a lot of these guys and Clifton Smith and A.J. Jefferson are great returners."

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