Ten Questions with David Gory

David Gory

Now with the 2008 Fresno State Football recruiting class in the books, it is time to get to know these future Bulldogs. BarkBoard.com caught up with San Ramon (Calif.) California TE David Gory recently for a little Q & A…

Coach Pat Hill describes David Gory (6-4, 245) as a true on-the-line tight end. Hill also stated if Gory had not been injured, the Bulldogs probably would not have had a chance at out-recruiting Pac-10 schools.

"He missed his senior year with a knee injury. The injury is healed and I believe we got a special player we might not have gotten if not for him getting hurt.," said Coach Hill.

But BarkBoard.com really wanted to know what makes Gory tick, so we asked him 10 pertinent questions.

1. Why Fresno State?

Coaching staff and [it is an] up-and-coming program

2. How long have you been a Bulldog/and or college football fan?

Honestly, just recently, just the same time the recruiting process started. I grew up in Texas [moved to California when I was in the sixth grade], so I'd say I was a Texas Longhorns fan.

3. Who is you favorite Bulldog player and/or college football player?

Bear PascoeMarshawn Lynch, he's one of my favorites. It was really fun watching him play recently.

4. What NFL player do you emulate or compare you game to?

I probably say Tony Gonzalez.

5. What is your favorite pre-game meal? Favorite post –game meal?

I probably say pasta…pasta and sausage. My best friend's mom makes it. It's pretty good, pasta, sausage and sauce.

After the game? We go to the local burger joint. The local In-N-Out and grab some burgers.

6. How long have you played the football?

One year, 10 games, however you want to put it. I started playing basketball in the seventh grade. I started playing sports kind of late. I've always liked football and tried to play it whenever I could. But my parents didn't let me play until my junior year.

7. What is on your IPod?

I got everything on there. But I like Incubus.

8. What is your favorite Television show(s)?

Friends, SportsCenter, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Movie(s)? The Boondock Saints, Green Street Hooligans…as for comedies, Wedding Crashers that's about it.

9. When do you plan to arrive at Fresno State?

Probably in early July.

10. What do you plan to major in?

Sports Medicine or Kinesiology

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