FS-Toledo Post Game Quotes

Quotes from Fresno State and Toledo players and coaches following the Bulldogs' 55-54 win in double overtime…

Fresno State

Head Coach Pat Hill

"In my 143 games, that is the greatest effort I've ever gotten out of a team in a hostile environment, on the road, against a team that played their hearts out too. I'm very, very proud of our football team today. I don't care about the score, I don't care about the stats, I care that we got the win on the road and the heart that they played with."

"I've never been more proud of a team or a group of players as I am tonight. That was a big-time win. We got Toledo's best shot, and last week we got Wisconsin's best shot and we got Rutgers' best shot. We had a tough loss last week, a tough week and came in here to a great environment against a team that was really ready to play. To come back and win that game with all of the odds was great. We were down players and had some freshman in there at the end. That's a great experience for them. Now we have to get back home and get ready to go down to the Rose Bowl and play the Bruins."

"Toledo should be very proud of the way they played. It's just hard to have one team lose in a game like this. I give Toledo a lot of credit. They played with all their heart, too. Our kids just never quit and I'm very, very proud of this win. This was a big win for us."

"We knew we would get a very tough game out of Toledo and I knew we were coming off of a very tough week. I had circled this game a long time ago in between Wisconsin and UCLA against a very tough opponent. This was a big win for our program."

Sophomore center Joe Bernardi

"That was as tough a game as I've ever played in. I didn't know if it was ever going to end. That was a great game, the best I've ever been a part of. I'm just glad we are going home. I'm tried."


Head Coach Tom Amstutz

"I'm really proud of our team. I give Fresno a lot of credit. They're very well coached. I think you saw two teams out there that played their hearts out for four quarters, going into five quarters. As coaches, that's what you ask of your team, to give you great effort all game long regardless of the situation. It's a shame that we had to come out a point short."

"As a coach, I've had a lot of wins where I've been proud of my team but I'm proud of my team after this game even though it's a loss."

On the decision to go for two points in second OT…

"It was time for the game to go. That's the one thing about college overtimes, you get to a point where it gets a little bit dangerous for the players. It was time to decide the game. We had a two-point play we've been working on all year. We felt confident in it and we went for it. I would do it again just the same way, other than we would catch it."

On using trick plays, on-side kick, and etc….

"When you play a really good football team, you play to win. I thought we had to do everything we could to give our players a chance."

On freshman running back Morgan Williams…

"I'm really pleased with Morgan. That's what we thought he had the potential to do. He had 142 yards and averaged six yards a carry against a Fresno defense that held Wisconsin to 13 points. Morgan is going to be a good football player. We have two good running backs in Morgan Williams and DaJuane Collins, and more behind them."

"They're a good football team. They are going to come back and play. They were down at halftime. You are going to get a battle and they fought back and scored. It was just a great battle, a great football game."

Senior safety Tyrell Herbert

"We pride ourselves in being a strong defense. Mistakes happen but you have to live for the next play. No matter what, I'm proud of the defense that went out and battled. This was a tough loss but come tomorrow, it's behind us and Florida International is next."

"There's always room for improvement but we gained ground today and took the step to becoming a better defense. Today, we just came up a point short."

Junior quarterback Aaron Opelt

"I don't think we got tired. We battled until the last second, to the last play. That's what we pride ourselves in. That's what Coach Amstutz gets us ready for. I'm proud of every player out there. They played their hearts out. It's too bad we fell short on the last play."

"The offensive line dominated the game. You have to give them a lot of credit. Receivers made big plays. That's senior leadership right there and we've got a lot of it."

On the decision to go for two…

"I loved it. If he gives us that confidence, it makes us feel good as an offense."

"Fresno is a very good team. Tonight, we proved we're a very good team. We've made enormous strides from week two to week three. If we keep doing that, we're going to have a good season."

"I was very impressed by our defensive play. They never gave up, they fought until the very end. We put them in a terrible situation to start the game. We gave them seven points in the first minute. They battled back the whole game and then come back and pull up some major stops, they shows you a lot about our defense."

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