Disappointments but No Regrets

Bobby Lepori

It has been an up-and-down year for Fresno State. The seniors were expected to cap off a four-year career with a banner season in 2008. However, they enter their last home game at Bulldog Stadium with a 5-4 record. LT Bobby Lepori says the season is not over and while they've had disappointments, they want no regrets…

Bobby Lepori played an emotional game last week when the ‘Dogs faced off against his hometown school Nevada (Reno). This week he says will be "bittersweet."

In a tradition started 12 years ago by Head Coach Pat Hill, the seniors will get one final tackle the night before their final home game. Lepori will get a moment to talk about his years playing at Fresno State then he will get to run down the field surrounded by his teammates before making his "final" tackle.

The seniors did not expect to be 5-4 or more importantly 1-3 at home entering the final home game of 2008. This will be the first senior class to have a losing record at Bulldog Stadium under Pat Hill. However, Lepori understands last year's team was 6-4 before senior tackle and this year is no different in the loss column.

BB.C caught up with Lepori at practice this week to get his thoughts on senior tackle…

Lepori on senior tackle –

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