Spring Practice #9: Offense Comes Alive

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The defense continues to look impressive this spring. The team speed is improved, as is the depth. Moreover, they look like they're playing with a swagger. While the offense has struggled, it got the upper hand on Wednesday with a little help of Ebahn Feathers' feet. "We're learning the zone read and option game with our players," said Coach Pat Hill. "These kids have never done that here."

"We got a lot of players doing it for the first time," said head coach Pat Hill. "Unlike a lot of other teams in the spring, we're blitzing, we're moving, we're empty. "We are trying a whole lot of different things; actually, the execution wasn't bad today. [But] there's a lot of things we have to tighten up. We teach a little different. We try to put as much as we can in, to see what we can...