‘Dogs Continue Summer Pickup Games

One thing is for sure this offseason, when point guard Steven Shepp spots an open man, he'll make the pass…

The Fresno State men's basketball team lacked two main components last season: a post presence that could score and a true point guard that could dish the rock. The ‘Dogs addressed those needs in this past recruiting class.

Point guard Steven Shepp is everything as advertised if his first two days of pickup games at the North Gym are signs of things to come. He sees the floor very well and his first instinct is to pass the ball. He can spot an open man from down the court. Furthermore, his passes are crisp and precise.

The chemistry he's built with his teammates in such a short time is impressive. The 2009-10 Bulldogs will have to be ready for his passes because they will come from all directions. Greg Smith, aka "JuJu", benefits the most from Shepp's contributions.

JuJu fills the ‘Dogs huge need in the paint. At 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds, no one in the WAC will be able to contain him one-on-one. And he has the ability to take the conference's big men outside of the paint. This summer, JuJu has only shown a fraction of his game. We are waiting for camp to start officially so he could show off his game in a structured environment.

Missing Players

Shepp and Smith teamed up with Jerry Brown and Paul George for one team on Tuesday. The team manager filled the fifth spot while the opposing team had former Bulldog Alex Blair teaming with 2010 recruit Elliott Berry and current ‘Dogs Brandon Sperling and Taylor Kelley.

Brandon Webster left just before the players began to run because initially there was not enough bodies field two teams. Sylvester Seay, Mychal Ladd, and Ned Golubovic are still out of town and incoming recruit Garrett Johnson was sick on Tuesday.

We are still anticipating the Bulldogs' newest commit Damon Powell's arrival.

After Practice Dunks

Paul George has grown at least one full inch if not two. He's stands nearly eye-to-eye with JuJu. After practice, he worked on a few dunks as did JuJu. Here's the video…

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