Aug. 15 Scrimmage in Review

Leslie Cooper

While the defense did dominate Saturday's 100-play scrimmage, the offense had its moments. Ryan Mathews looks solid once again, especially on a 17-yard run. Derek Carr completed 67% of his passes, including a 35-yarder to Jamel Hamler. Robbie Rouse continued his stellar camp, scoring on a 10-yard run. Check inside for stats and video of Coach Pat Hill's post scrimmage comments…

The first team offense that took the field on Saturday comprised of the following: QB Ryan Colburn, RB Lonyae Miller, TE Jeff Skidmore, WR Devon Wylie, WR Chastin West, WR Jamel Hamler, LT Bryce Harris, LG Leslie Cooper, C Joe Bernardi, RG Andrew Jackson, and RT Kenny Wiggins.

The first team defense they faced comprised of the following: rush DE Chris Carter, DT Logan Harrell, NT Chase McEntee, SDE Kenneth Borg, SLB Nico Herron, MLB Ben Jacobs, WLB Kyle Knox, SS Moses Harris, FS Lorne Bell, CB Desia Dunn, and CB A.J. Jefferson.

Derek Carr took the field with a modified first team offense with a few personal changes on the offensive line and at the skill positions. Carr and Colburn also took reps with a second offense. However, with four receivers (Marlon Moore, Seyi Ajirotutu, Rashad Evans, and Matt Lindsey) missing from the lineup with injuries, both the first and second team offense shared the same wideouts.

Ebahn Feathers took reps only with the third team offense and faced the second and third team defense. His first drive led to the first touchdown of the scrimmage. The big play of the drive came on the second snap, when running back Michael Harris rushed right for 35 yards. Running back Robbie Rouse scored on the next play when he took a delayed handoff to the right, found nothing, darted left – hiding behind the offense line – finding a seem to the end zone.

Michael Harris 35-yard run –
Robbie Rouse 10-yard TD run –

The fourth team offense led by freshman walk-on quarterback Tyler Stirewalt scored the only other touchdown on the final play of the scrimmage. Stirewalt found H-back Austin Raphael for a four-yard touchdown pass.

The defense recorded four sacks and two turnovers, both by second team cornerback Isaiah Green.

Full scrimmage video highlights will be available published later, which will include Jamel Hamler's 35-yard reception, Lorne Bell's jarring hit on Darren Newborn, Ryan Mathews 17-yard, and more…

Aug. 15 Scrimmage Stats*

Ryan Colburn, 8-14-1-50
Derek Carr, 8-12-0-101
Ebahn Feathers, 3-8-0-32
Tyler Stirewalt, 4-7-0-37, 1 td

Lonyae Miller, 4-10
Ryan Mathews, 6-25
Anthony Harding, 4-8
Michael Harris, 9-39
Robbie Rouse, 7-23, 1 td
Jamal Rashad, 7- (-9)
A.J. Ellis, 4-10
Feathers, 6-12


Jamel Hamler, 3-48
Devon Wylie, 3-28, 2 drops
Chastin West, 3-23
Anthony Johnson, 2-25, 1 drop
Rouse, 2-15
Ryan Skidmore, 1-5, 1 drop
Kulitapa Taumoepeau, 3-18
Vince Pascoe, 1-10
Austin Raphael, 1-6, 1 td
Darren Newborn, 1 drop

*all stats are unofficial

Coach Pat Hill Post Scrimmage Comments

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