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Davon Dunn

San Diego (Calif.) Lincoln WR Davon Dunn decommitted from Cal last month and said he made a soft verbal to Fresno State the next day. On Sunday, he told Scout.com his commitment to the Bulldogs is now solid and doesn't plan to take any more trips. He says he felt more comfortable with Fresno and his decision has little to do with grades or playing with fellow San Diego natives in college…

"I decommitted from Cal then the next day I talked to the Fresno State coaches and told them I coming there, a soft verbal," said Davon Dunn (5-11, 175). "But tomorrow (Monday) I'm calling them to let them know that I'm really coming there, I'm done with the recruiting process."

"I was still was going to check out UCLA, that was going to be my last trip, but now I don't want to check it out. I want to do be done with everything so I can be focused on working out and getting ready for next year."

Dunn took June unofficial visits to Fresno, Berkeley and Westwood with friend and fellow San Diego native Kenny Stills. Both came away from Cal impressed. The possibility of both verbally committing along with other San Diego native Ricky Seale was high considering Stills stated he wanted to play with his friends at the next level. Dunn, who verbally committed to Cal in August, says that wasn't really a factor in his recruitment.

"I didn't know what Ricky was going to do and I always knew Kenny wasn't staying in California, he told me that from the beginning. But if he did stay, he would go to Cal," said Dunn. "But that didn't play a huge part at all. We had a fun on our trip. I liked Fresno, and I liked Cal. UCLA was okay too. But even when I went up there that time I was kind of wowed by Cal's facilities, the area, the school and the richness. But I'm more comfortable at Fresno. It's more of my environment where I can stay focused and do what I need to do."

"The coaches at Cal are good so are the players, but it was just the atmosphere. I wasn't really feeling it. When I went up to Fresno, I felt more at home, in my comfort zone. As far as the coaches, I felt comfortable with Pat Hill and his philosophy. Also, Coach Keith [Williams], my wide receiver coach, because that's who I'm going to be with the next four or five years. I felt really good about them."

Dunn took his official visit to Fresno State in November with teammate Victor Dean, who verbally committed to the Bulldogs a week after the visit. Fellow San Diego natives – and friends of Dunn – Lester Fontenette and Leslie Rogers had verbally to Fresno State in October. Furthermore, current Bulldog running back Robbie Rouse was Pop Warner teammate of Dunn's.

"People may think that's the main focus why I had a change of heart but it wasn't," Dunn of his childhood friends. "It contributed a little bit because I'll be able to play with my friends. I played with them in Pop Warner, some of them in high school, and the opportunity to play with them in college is unheard of. Everyone thinks I just wanted to play with my friends, but I'm on a whole different level. I just wanted to go in and connect, like I did with Derek [Carr]. Even if Robbie [Rouse] and they weren't Bulldogs, my feeling right now, with the player and coaches there right now, I would still go to Fresno."

Rouse was Dunn's host on his trip but he met and talked with many other Bulldog players, especially heralded freshman quarterback Derek Carr. "I got to have a good talk him on my official visit," said Dunn.

"He's real cool. He's going to be a real good player. I've seen some film on him. Meeting Derek, talking to him, he's pretty set on what he plans to bring to the program. I know adding me, Victor [Dean], and a couple more wide receivers and also got Robbie [Rouse] up there, I think we can turn the program around."

Initially, Dunn said he was done with recruiting process after pledging to the Bears. He kept his recruitment low key until his November visit to Fresno. The sudden change of events prompted some to question his academic standing, something he takes offense to.

"It gets to me but they can pull my transcripts anytime and see I have the grades," said Dunn. "NCAA Eligibility Center said I'm already cleared. As far as making choice of colleges, it's my choice on where I feel comfortable. I had no problem with Berkeley's academics. It was never question about academics. Going to school is the main focus, it never concerned that I would be ineligible. I have a 3.0 overall GPA. I got a 1380 on my SAT. As far as grades, I'm set."

His father, David Dunn, played under Golden Bear head coach Jeff Tedford at Fresno State in 1993-94, when Tedford was the Bulldog offensive coordinator. That relationship was one of the main factors early on his recruitment that prompted Dunn to favor Cal. He says his relationship with the Bear coaches was good throughout the season.

"Every chance they had, they called me," said Dunn. "Every chance they got, they came down to see me. They stayed on me, they checked on me. They made sure I was okay."

"[Cal] stopped recruiting me but then Oregon State, Nevada and Oregon called me," Dunn said after he decommitted. "I let them talk to my dad. He says Oregon State was offering me. Nevada was offering me. Oregon wanted me to schedule a trip."

Dunn can play both sides of the ball and is a dynamic kick returner. Despite being considered by some as top-level cornerback, most of his offers came as an offensive player. Cal recruited him strictly as a receiver. Fresno State is recruiting him as a wide receiver/running back.

"The only school that wanted me to play defensive back was Boise State," said Dunn. "But I never pictured myself going to school outside of California, so that wasn't an option for me. Everyone offered me as a receiver with the exception of San Diego State that offered me as a corner with the chance to play receiver. Cal offered me as a straight receiver with the possibility of playing corner if I want to. Fresno offered me as a receiver with the possibility of playing running back. With all the schools, I'm able to do kick and punt return."

Dunn says he's happy to be done with the process and is looking forward to playing at his father's alma mater.

"He was going to support me whatever I do," Dunn said of his father. "But it feels good going someplace where everyone knew my dad, but even at Cal everybody knew my dad. It's real cool. He'll probably be up there for all my home games. We have a good relationship."

Dunn can officially sign his National Letter of Intent on Wednesday, February 3. He graduates high school June 22 and plans to report to Fresno State soon after.

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