Central Cali LB Lands First Offer

Jared Norris

Bakersfield (Calif.) Centennial linebacker Jared Norris is one of the top defensive prospects in Central California. Last month, he had a solid showing at the Badger/New Level Athletics 7on7 in Las Vegas. This month, he picked up his first scholarship offer…

Jared Norris (6-2, 215) received his first offer on Tuesday. It came from the Mountain West.

"It felt great," Norris said of receiving an offer from the University of Utah. "It was probably the best feeling I have ever had.

"[Centennial head coach Bryan] Nixon text me and said you got mail. There was a letter from Utah saying they want to offer me a scholarship."

Norris has been talking to Ute defensive line and assistant head coach John Pease. "He emailed Nixon a couple weeks ago. We called and we talked to him."

The offer caught Norris by surprise despite receiving a letter recently from Pease stating the Utes high interest in him.

"He wrote me a letter talking about how they are going to recruit me as one of the two linebackers they are taking in this class," said Norris.

"Since last year, they have been sending me letters. I sent film out, and they got back to me and they emailed Nixon. It's been letters and emails back and forth since the last time I talked to [Pease]."

Besides the Utes, Cal Poly, Oregon, and UCLA have also showed interest. "I've got a couple camp invites from Oregon and Cal Poly," Norris added. "I would be nice to hear from Boise State too because me and Cody [Kessler] are good friends and I'm sending film to Pitt. Cody told them about me on his visit."

Norris plans to camp at Utah in June. It will be his first visit to the Salt Lake City campus. After offering, the Utes are his clear favorite, but he is not ready to pull the trigger.

"I don't think I'm ready to make a decision," said Norris. "I just want to see where everything will take me."

Norris reports a 3.1 core GPA. He takes the SAT for the first time in May.

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