BB.C TV: August 14 Scrimmage Recap

WR Jalen Saunders hauling in the long ball...

Saturday night's scrimmage was the last time the public had an opportunity to watch the 2010 Fresno State Bulldog football team prior to their September 4 kickoff against Cincinnati. If you missed it, check inside for head coach Pat Hill's post scrimmage comments, video highlights, and complete stats of the scrimmage…

Scrimmage Stats

Ryan Colburn, 7-11-136, 2 TDs
Derek Carr, 9-17-123, 1 TD
Greg Watson, 4-9-96, 1 TD, 1 INT
Kelly O'Brien, 3-6-39 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
Tyler Stirewalt, 4-7-45 yards, 1 INT

Robbie Rouse, 3-14
Tracy Slocum, 7-23
Michael Harris, 2-3
A.J. Ellis, 5-(-1)
Emery Schexnayder, 7-15
Milton Knox, 9-41
Jerry Kelly, 3-0
Colburn, 1-14
Carr, 1-4
Watson, 2-7, 1 TD

Devon Wylie, 2-55, 1 TD
Rashad Evans, 2-40, 1 TD
A.J. Johnson, 3-47
Jevon Stalworth, 2-43
Josh Harper, 3-54, 1 TD
Isaiah Burse, 2-15
Jalen Saunders, 1-65 yds, 1 TD
Victor Dean, 1-9 yds, 1 TD
Michael Butler, 1-24
Matt Lindsey, 1-12
David Gory, 1-9
Jamel Hamler, 1-2
Rouse, 2-10
Ellis, 3-43
Schexnayder, 2-12

INTS: Sean Alston, Derron Smith, Tristan Okpalaugo

3 fumbled snaps, 1 blocked punt (Ben Jacobs)

*all stats unofficial

Scrimmage News & Notes

  • Seven defensive players didn't dress: WLB Shawn Plummer, MLB Daniel Salinas, SDE Chris Lewis, SDE Aaron Howse, DT Andy Jennings, S Terrance Dennis, and CB Desia Dunn.
  • Travis Brown dressed but didn't play. Pat Su'a took first team reps at SLB in his place.
  • Coach Pat Hill mentioned he might wait until week three before deciding to redshirt Derek Carr. He says they're still trying to develop a capable No. 2.
  • The starting offense was: QB Ryan Colburn, RB Robbie Rouse, FB Austin Raphael, TE Vince Pascoe, SE Jamel Hamler, FL Devon Wylie, LT Bryce Harris, LG Devan Cunningham, C Joe Bernardi, RG Andrew Jackson, RT Kenny Wiggins.
  • The starting defense was: SDE Donnie Pritchett, NT Cornell Banks, DT Logan Harrell, WDE Chris Carter, SLB Pat Su'a, MLB Ben Jacobs, WLB Kyle Knox, CB Jermaine Thomas, CB L.J. Jones, SS Phillip Thomas, FS Lorne Bell.
  • Rouse took the opening handoff 60-yards for touchdown only to have it negated by a holding call.
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