‘Dogs Battle Heat, TE Depth

Kulitapa Taumoepeau

On Thursday, the Fresno State Bulldogs continued practice in triple-digit heat. Each practice becomes even more crucial with just nine days to prepare for the first game. Check inside to see how the Bulldogs are handling the heat…

Fresno State continued preparation for Cincinnati on Thursday. Practice was shortened though, due to the heat. The team is also dealing with depth issues at the tight end position as September 4 draws near.

Coach Pat Hill explained how the recent heat has altered practice. "Yesterday we didn't, today we went about a half-hour shorter," said Hill.

"Next week we're going to shorten down practices but right now we got a lot of things to get in. We had a good practice today. We got a lot of work to do. We're still eight, nine days out and we'll get it done."

The Bulldogs are just nine days away from taking on Cincinnati. Coach Hill broke down how the ‘Dogs will be preparing in the upcoming days.

"We got Friday; we got our mock game on Saturday where we go over a lot of different situations," said Hill. "Then we have a Sunday workout; a light workout Sunday. Then we're off Monday. By Tuesday, we better start getting it around, but we'll really have our legs back Wednesday, Thursday."

The Bulldogs are currently thin in depth at the tight end position. Both redshirt Junior Ryan Skidmore and redshirt Sophomore David Gory are currently injured and wearing slings.

"[Vince] Pascoe and Tapa (Kulitapa Taumoepeau) are our two tight ends right now," said Hill.

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