‘Dogs Putting Finishing Touches on Defense

Chris Carter

The Fresno State Bulldogs got back to practice Tuesday, as they prepare for the season opener against Cincinnati. The matchup between Cincinnati's high tempo offense and Fresno State's defense will play a big part in who will leave Bulldog Stadium with their first win. Check inside to see how veteran Chris Carter and the Bulldogs' defense are ready for the season…

The Fresno State Bulldogs are down to the last few practices to prepare for the 2010 season. The defense is focusing on how to contain Cincinnati's spread offense. Senior defensive end Chris Carter is confident that the Fresno State defense is well prepared.

"I'm feeling really confident right now," said Carter. "We had a great practice today. Everybody's taking care of their responsibilities; fitting in the gaps where we need to fit in and doing what we got to do."

Carter also explained what the defense has done to improve and what they have focused on leading up to the first game.

"Shutting down the whole option offense, zone read, wildcat." Carter said. "We had a couple difficulties with that last year. That's one thing we really wanted shore up on. That comes with basically just playing responsible defense, nobody getting too happy and trying to do other people's job. Everybody has to play slow, play smart and be fundamental about it."

The Fresno State defense returns seven starters as well as many players who contributed last year. What do these athletes offer this year to improve from last season?

"We have a lot more knowledge and experience," Carter explained. "We had a lot of guys in there last year, not to say they didn't know anything, but they weren't as informed as we are this year as players. We have guys that have been through a lot of experience so we're able to share what's going to happen with some of the young guys who are getting in there."

Carter also commented on how this will help develop the younger players. "A lot of young guys are able to sit back and kind of watch and see and study it for a couple years. And now they're in there and they're really doing an exceptional job."

The defense now has turned to preparing for Cincinnati's offense. With September 4 approaching, Chris Carter says the defense is putting the final touches on their preparation.

"We've pretty much got everything covered and right now we're just getting in the process of polishing up and making sure everything's clean as far as our techniques and our schemes," said Carter, "That's pretty much what we've been working on and what we're going to work on for the next few days."

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